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MCX is the one stop solution to all your cryptocurrency queries, marking the beginning of a new era in the financial market and digital asset management. Stay ahead of the pack with our ICO.




MCX coin has come up with the technology of the future today, providing its customers with cutting edge features to help them flourish.

Hybrid Technology

Hybrid Technology

MCX coin is one of the very few coins that has the capability of incorporate the hybrid technology, This technology enables the MCX coin to work on both the principles of Proof of Stake and Proof of Work. Making MCX coin a stable entity. Further their powerful blockchain will run the most complex transactions from the financial markets and give them a transparent, secure and stable foothold.

Powerful Blockchain

We offer the strongest blockchain in the business which has the capacity to help other coins operate on the same blockchain. Being one of the most secure platforms for a cryptocurrency, Which is safe, secure and completely transparent. What makes this blockchain unique is the technology that handles POW and POS simultaneously making all the transactions seamless.

Powerful Blockchain

Volatility & Stability
Volatility & Stability

Volatility management : High volatility is one the biggest disadvantages of cryptocurrencies. It hinders the growth of your digital asset from becoming a means of storage and exchange on the global market. Seasoned traders may get high profits from major exchange margins, yet the risks pertaining to fluctuations in the market scare even the seasoned users and this takes the businesses away from cryptocurrencies.

Stability: MCX coin in its time would be the most stable cryptocurrency. This is because of the unique features that have been incorporated like the volatility management system, an ever evolving algorithm, strong blockchain and a hybrid coin. Apart from all this the MCX coin has technologically designed threshold that will not let the price of the coin change or deviate drastically even if the market has great fluctuation. MCX also has a buffer of funds to invest and control its drastic fluctuation.


One of the most important features of the MCX coin is the transaction method in the financial market. The system will be based on the MCX blockchain which is an open network. Where everyone can view the transactions made by others, In turn making the transaction process transparent and accessible to all for consideration. This will keep the markets transparent with no hidden loopholes to breed illegitimate practices.


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  Name - MCX Coin.
  Symbol - MCX.
  Hybrid Algorithm - (POS/POW).
  Maximum supply (hard cap) - 40 Million MCX.
  Pre Mine Coins - 8 Million MCX.
  Available for ICO - 6 Million MCX.
  Emission rate - No new coins will ever be created.
  Accepted currencies - ETH & BTC only.
  ICO Starting from 5th October 2017 to 1st January 2018.

  Coin distribution - Contract will distribute coins/tokens instantly upon         receiving ETH & BTC
  Exchangers - NovaExchange, Cryptopia, YoBit, Livecoin, C-Cex
  MCX Prediction Rate - $ 2.50 +
  Blocks - 2,62,800
  Block Time (Seconds) - 150
  Block Rewards - 4
  POS Rewards - 12% Per@
  Halving Rate - 1,000,000
  Marketing Partner-WeLaunchICO


MCX coin is a digital asset created electronically. It’s decentralized so no one has the authority to mint MCX coins. They are made by people using software that solves mathematical problems.

MCX coin belongs to a growing entity called cryptocurrency. This means that its network is not controlled by any one institution. This makes a lot of people feel secure because it means that a federal institution or bank won’t be able to control their money or freeze or shut the account.

There are many advantages of using MCX coin, many of which include:

Easy and Convenient - You can send and receive MCX coins anywhere around the globe at any time at any given time in just few minutes.
No transaction Fees – the transactions fee for MCX coin is Minimal. As MCX coin is decentralized you do not have to pay any transaction fee to any institution when you make any transaction with the MCX coin.
Secure – The users remain in control of all their transactions. You are protected from identity theft as MCX coin transactions cannot be made without the personal key which is a digital signature without which making a transactions is impossible.
Transparent - All the transactions made from the MCX coin are available on the blockchain for anybody to view, verify and update in real-time.

As of now there are only two options to purchase the MCX coin but once the coin is listed it will be available on the cryptocurrency exchanges. You can acquire the MCX coin through our initial coin offering or by the ICO operated by We Launch ICO.

The features and technology incorporated in the MCX coin is what makes it different that all the other coins in the market.

1. Hybrid coin: MCX is the only hybrid coin. This implies that it works both on the principals of proof of stake which helps the users and also the proof of work which helps the miners.
2. Volatility Management: This one very important feature in the MCX coin. This technology enables the MCX coin to regulate its own threshold with calculating the fluctuations in the market. The unique algorithm of the MCX coin does not let the coin price fluctuate drastically keeping it stable.
3. Powerful blockchain: MCX coin has one of the most advanced blockchains in the business. Making it a stable platform for exchange and storage of data in any financial market or sector.

The blockchain is continuously evolving list called blocks, which are interconnected and secured by cryptography. Each block contains a hash algorithm as a link to a previous block and transaction data. Our blockchains are resistant to any modification or fabrication of the data. A blockchain is open peer to peer online ledger that can record transactions between two parties in a verifiable and transparent way. The data in any block cannot be altered. All the subsequent blocks have to be altered to make changes to the blockchain.

MCX has found the way to deal with volatility that is the basic reason for increasing selling pressure. The volatility management system has reserve funds in place to pump into the market when such a problem arises. By doing this MCX regulates the fluctuation by selling and keeps the price of the MCX coin balanced throughout.

Also MCX coin is not just a coin but a service provider. MCX will provide Blockchain services to its users in the financial markets and the general markets. These services would be charged in turn creating revenue and in turn stabilizing the pressure of excessive selling.

The moment the coin is listed and the user is registered with MCX coin that is when you will be on the Block explorer (ledger). The blockchain is a public domain and you can view and complete history of the ledger and the transactions made using your digital signature that would be provided at registrations.

To better understand the servers of MCX coin first we have to understand the mining process. There are two types of mining done around the world. Centralized mining is one central server where a single miner overlooks the mining of the coin. While MCX has the functionality of pool mining where a lot of miners can pool in their resources and mine the MCX coin. This helps the miners in the cracking the hash Algorithm. We provide a mining pool where miners across the world can join as well as established miners can create their own mining pool to bring more stability to the network.

Our mines are located in the san-shang-liang industrial park just outside the city of Ordos in autonomous china controlled Mongolian territory. It is 400 miles away from the capital city of Beijing.

MCX has a very stable revenue stream we provide payment solutions and services for financial exchanges and markets. Further we provide blockchain based services and solutions to financial exchanges and institutions. Making MCX coins vision a reality of having all the markets on the transparent and strong blockchain system.

Investors who bought MCX coins from WeLaunchICO are allowed to trade 20% of their MCX coins each month.